Collaborations / The Rise Fund by TPG

About The Rise Fund

The Rise Fund, launched by TPG, is a global impact investment fund dedicated to achieving measurable, positive social and environmental outcomes alongside competitive financial returns. Since its inception, The Rise Fund has focused on key sectors that have the potential to drive substantial change, including education, energy, food and agriculture, financial services, and healthcare.

Philanthropic Impact

The Rise Fund stands out for its rigorous approach to impact investing, ensuring that each investment is financially sound and contributes to solving critical global challenges. By channelling capital into innovative and sustainable enterprises, The Rise Fund supports scalable solutions that address pressing issues such as climate change, educational disparities, and access to healthcare.

Key Initiatives

Our family office is honoured to support initiatives aligned with The Rise Fund’s mission to achieve impactful social and environmental change. Contributing to strategic investments amplifies efforts to support sustainable and transformative projects globally. This collaboration reflects our commitment to leveraging resources to foster meaningful, long-term positive outcomes across various sectors.